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Ezi-Duct Modular Ducting

Features and Benefits of Ezi-Duct Modular Ducting

Ezi-Duct ducting provides the best air flow of any duct on the market and is the natural choice for dust collection and pneumatic conveying systems as it has a smooth bore tube with pressed 90° bends.

  • Companies can cut costs considerably as Ezi-Duct modular ducting is so simple quick and easy to install, installation time is cut down considerably.
  • Many of Ezi-Ducts customers do the installation in-house, without the need for outside contractors.
  • Dust collection and pneumatic conveying systems can frequently block up so the advantages for using Ezi-Duct Modular ducting products is long term.
  • As Ezi-Duct ducting simply clamps together, the customer can easily pull the system apart for cleaning if a blockage occurs.
  • If a company, relocates premises, changes its machinery or expands, the ductwork can be disassembled and reused again and again in different layouts.
  • Many of Ezi Duct's product range is available ex-stock for immediate delivery.
  • Ezi-Duct manufactures its ducting in Australia from Australian steel and supplies a huge range of ducting and ducting clamps in galvanised, stainless steel and mild steel. Ezi-Duct has decades of industry experience and continually trains apprentices to ensure our future.

Ezi-Duct Modular Duct is Available in Stainless Steel.

You have the Polution we have the Solution

Ezi-Duct offers the best and largest range of Australian designed and engineered Dust Collection and Fume extraction products on the market.

The range offers new and innovative designs by qualified Australian Engineers with decades of experience. Because of this all the units have outstanding performance and are efficient to operate.

The Dust Collection and Fume Extraction units are also among the most economical to purchase on the market.

All Dust Collection and Fume Extraction products are supported with full technical backup from the Qualified Mechanical Engineers of Polex Environmental Engineering.

Whether it's a small job or a large project we have the experience and product range to provide your company with the best technical and economical solution.

Call us today to discuss your companies requirements.

Simply Flexible

Flexible Ducting

Ezi-Duct supplies and stocks one of the largest range of flexible ducting products in the world.

The Ezi-Flex product range is recognised as the highest quality range of flexible ducting on the world market. Manufactured in Germany, Ezi-Flex is constructed from the latest high quality polyurethane composite materials on the latest high tech machinery.

Ezi-Duct also supplies and stocks many other more economical Flexible Ducting products manufactured from PVC, TPR (Thermal Plastic Rubber) and other materials.

What ever your need is Ezi-Duct has Flexible Ducting that will suit your requirements and budget.

Breathe Ezi with the Ezi-Arm

The Ezi-Duct Ezi-Arm is a self supporting suction arm that is the best technical solution for the extraction of fumes & dust.

It's design has no internal obstructions that cause turbulence and snag points. The EziArm can rotate 360 degrees and is designed with an ease of use principle for the operator. This enables for an enormous number of suction hood positions.

They are ideal for many applications that include the removal from workers faces of welding fumes, sanding dust, odours and other harmful dust and fumes.

The EZI-ARM can be installed as a single unit with its own individual fan or in configurations with multiple EziArms connected together by Ezi-Duct modular ducting to one of our Ezi-Duct powerful centrifugal fans.

The EziArm is available in 3 models 2.2 mtr, 3.0 mtr and the big 4.6 mtr model. All are 150mm in diameter and are supplied with a wall mounting bracket and damper. All models of the EZIARM are ex stock and are available in our Sydney, Victoria and Queensland Branches.

Lots More

Other Products supplied by Ezi-Duct include

  • Rotary Valves in both cast and fabricated types
  • Fans : Ezi-Duct supplies a large range of high quality industrial and commercial fans.
  • Filter Cartridges and Filter Bags Ezi-duct supplies a large range of filter cartridges and filter bags at very competitive prices.
  • Cyclones. In Galvanised and Stainless Steel or mild steel painted
  • Pneumatic Systems Ducting.
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication Special Hoods, hoppers etc..

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Melbourne Branch VIC, SA, TAS
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Dandenong South Victoria
Tel: 03 9793 0007
Fax: 03 9793 0037

QLD Branch QLD, NT
Unit 10, 284 Musgrave Road, Cooper Plains
Tel: 07 3274 4008 Fax: 07 3274 4009

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